12 Days of Lighting Tips – Part 1

There are so many ways to enhance your home through lighting.  Lighting can make spaces work for you, it can make a space relaxing or functional.   Lighting is often overlooked but is such a key part of our homes.

Day 1

Natural Light – don’t jump straight in, assess what natural light you have first.  Make sure you check the natural light at different times of the day. Then use this as a base to work from with the rest of your lighting.

natural light in sitting room

Day 2

If you have low ceilings, install uplighters to make the ceilings look higher.  A low ceiling is anything under 2.4m (8 feet).  Wall lights and floor lamps also help to create an illusion of a higher ceiling.  Go for bright bulbs that will help with creating more lighting.

Day 3

Take a photograph of you room both in the day, early evening and at night.   Doing this can help to pinpoint areas that aren’t quite working.

camera photo

Day 4

Layer your lighting, to do this you need to use a range of lighting from pendants, to wall lights, to spotlights and table lamps.  Layering your lighting allows every part of the room to both look beautiful but also function and work for you.

        black and brushed brass wall light

Day 5

Don’t forget the dimmer switches.  Dimmer switches allow you to have control over your lighting.  To create atmosphere when needed but also to let more light in when needed.

Day 6

If you have the space, supersize your lighting!  Create drama by adding a large cluster of pendant lights.  There are so many options and you can really have fun and make a statement.

7 cluster pendant light in black and gold from arcform

Look out for the second part of 12 days of our lighting tips next week!

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