12 Days of Lighting Tips – Part 2

There are so many ways to enhance your home through lighting.  Lighting can make spaces work for you, it can make a space relaxing or functional.   Lighting is often overlooked but is such a key part of our homes.  Read on to see the second part of our 12 days of lighting tips.

Day 7 – if you are starting from scratch plan, plan and plan some more.  You have such a great opportunity if you are starting from scratch.  Ensure you have enough light switches to give you the zones you need. And ensure you have enough plug sockets in the right locations for table and desk lamps (you want to avoid running long cables anywhere!).

Planning you interior lighting

Day 8 – add some lighting to shelving using LED strips. They’re widely available and inexpensive. LED strips are easy to install – often needing just a couple of small screws or even self-adhesive strips. Think about putting strips somewhere where you wouldn’t expect it for example an alcove, under shelving or even under open tread stairs.

led strip lighting

Day 9 – think carefully about brightness.  A 40-watt (halogen) or 6W (LED) bulb is perfect for beautiful mood lighting, any brighter can be too much.  But for a kitchen or somewhere where you need task lighting a stronger wattage (at least 60W / 9W) is essential.

Day 10 – also consider the position of the room, a north facing room will naturally be darker and require more lighting. Consider when you will be using the room and what you will be using the room for. Working rooms (kitchens, bathrooms and studies) will require even more lighting if north facing.

cluster statement pendant light

Day 11 – use LED bulbs when replacing traditional bulbs. Whilst a bit more expensive to buy, LED bulbs reduce energy usage by 85%. They can also last up to 10 times longer. LED bulbs are the environmentally responsible option, but also a great investment which save you a lot of money.

Day 12 – use technology!  There are so many options now, you can control your lighting by using smart plugs and smart bulbs.  The lighting can be controlled by your phone or smart speakers.  Great for ease of use but also amazing for security when you are on holiday.

controlling your lighting from your phone

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