6 Ways to Use Wall Lighting

Wall lighting (or wall sconces as they are sometimes called) is sometimes overlooked when it comes to selecting lighting for our homes. Wall lights can bring a beautiful ambience to a room and change the feel of it.  Wall lights can help to make small rooms feel larger.  On the flip side they can also be used to divide and zone bigger areas.  There are so many styles to choose from.  So where and when do they work best?

wall light wall sconces

1. Space saving

A great solution for when you don’t have much space but need light.  For example, if you only have a small bedside table putting a wall light above it can free up space on your bedside table.  Equally if you don’t even have space for a bedside table a wall light will ensure you don’t have to have bright overhead lights for reading at night.

2.  Artwork

Perfect for highlighting your artwork.  Don’t let that beautiful piece of art get lost.  Use a wall light to highlight it.  Just make sure you use an LED bulb as they don’t give off much heat.

3.  Hallways and Stairways

They also work well in areas with limited furniture such as hallways.  Firstly, they can break up a long hallway. The can also make a statement at the end of a hallway as a focal point.  Stairways can also be illuminated by wall lights.  Using the same lights as the hallway will mean a cohesive look and feel.

wall light wall sconce

4.  Low ceilings

If you have low ceilings, for example in a cottage, ceiling lights and hanging lights are not always possible.  Wall lights are the perfect solution, they will create atmosphere but at same time will ensure there is enough light.

5.  Adds Interest

Wall sconces can add interest where you have a flat and dull wall.  Make a statement with a row of wall lights and add interest to a wall.   Go for a statement wall light, maybe in a contrasting colour to make a feature of it.

wall light in black and brushed brass

6.  Task Lighting

Wall lighting can be used to provide task lighting, near a mirror for applying makeup or over a study desk.  In a kitchen they could be placed either side of a cooker to give lighting over the worktops.

There are so many options.  Take a look at our wall lights here.


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