ARCFORM lighting stockist, Bella Luce Lighting Shop in Watlington, stocks our ARC Wall Lights and our FLUX table lamps.  We caught up with Loraine from Bella Luce to talk about their store and what to expect if you visit.

Bella Luce Lighting Shop Oxford ARCFORM stockist

Bella Luce Lighting Shop

Ransom House

2 High Street


OX49 5PS

Can you introduce yourselves and your store and tell everyone a little about how your store came to be?

Loraine and Louise – weve been friends for 27 years since we moved in to the village where Loraine and her husband had the pub in the village where we bought our first house. We then had our two children (each) at similar times and shared the childminding with the working. Fast forward many years to Louise being made redundant and Loraine looking for a lifestyle change, combined with Loraine’s desire to open a lighting shop and hey presto – Bella Luce!

What can people expect when they come to your store?

Customers can expect unusual, quirky, high end products combined with a warm welcome, a high level of customer service and a wide breadth of product knowledge.

What are the best bits of running your store?

We particularly enjoy customer interaction, sourcing new products and especially the successful and happy matching of a client with that ’special something’ they knew – or didn’t know – they were looking for.

What do you look for when searching for products to stock in the store?

The unusual, good quality, not available everywhere, pieces.

Who is your typical customer?

We realised within five minutes of opening, seven years ago, that there is no such thing as a typical’ customer and we welcome everyone – whether browsing, purchasing, just building, just moving, planning or just saying hello.

Any plans in the pipeline for your store?

We are really looking forward to getting back out to the International trade shows and sourcing some new lines; hoping to start with Milan in 2023.

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Flux table lamp against panelling in brushed brass


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