7 advantages of using LED bulbs

While LED bulbs are more expensive than incandescent light bulbs there are many advantages to investing in them.  From having a considerably longer lifespan, to providing instant light, to being a much safer option.  Another positive is they are much better for the environment as the heat wasted by them is minimal in comparison to incandescent bulbs.

Pendant Light Cluster in Brushed Brass & Matte Black

Pendant Light Cluster in Brushed Brass & Matte Black

1.LED’s are highly efficient

LED bulbs are highly efficient, 80-90% of their energy is turned into light rather than heat.  Compare this to incandescent bulbs which lose 80% of their energy as heat.  Changing your entire house to LED light bulb is a worthwhile investment.

 2. LED’s have a longer lifespan

LED light bulbs last approximately 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Meaning that they are cheaper to maintain.  It’s also great for lights that are high up or tricky to change due to not needing to be done so frequently.  Great if you have a multiple lights over a stairwell or in a room with very high ceilings.

3. LED’s are safer

LED bulbs produce less heat, thus having a positive effect on the environment. They work highly effectively at a lower temperatures, meaning they are far safer.  This is especially beneficial if you have young children.

They are also very durable and don’t have any glass parts meaning they are much safer.

4. LED’s run on a lower voltage

LED’s work with low voltage, this means they are great for outside use.  Perfect for if you are planning a garden room for this summer.

5. LED’s have a great colour range

An incandescent bulb requires filters or gels to get different shades of light or colour. LED’s offer a big range of colours without having to use filters or gels. Due to the way LED’s are designed the colour doesn’t ever change.   Right up to where the bulb dies the colour is the same.

6. LED’s provide instant light

Incandescent bulbs can take a while to get to full brightness. With LED’s the light is instant, from the moment you turn the light on, the brightness is at full capacity.  They can also be turned on and off numerous times without any impact to their efficiency or performance.

7. LED’s are recyclable

Incandescent bulbs are extremely difficult to recycle.  In contrast LED bulbs are 100% recyclable.  They are covered by the WEEE (Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment) regulation.  You can either return them to the manufacturer or take them to your local waste centre.  In some areas you can recycle them with your household recycling.

Do you use LED bulbs already? Have you changed some or all?

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