Tips to make your home cosy with lighting.

Make your home cosy with lighting. As we head into autumn and the mornings and evenings become darker getting lighting right in your home is so important.  At this time of year we cannot rely on natural light from first thing in the morning until late into the evening.  We need a bit of help!  So here are our top tips for transitioning into lighting for those darker mornings and evenings.


Tips to make your home cosy with lighting.
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Make your home inviting and cosy with lighting

As well as wanting your home to be lit for functional tasks such as putting your make up on, working, cooking etc.  You also want your home to be cosy and inviting in the cooler months.  This can be done by dividing up the space in your home into smaller areas using lighting.  Thus creating areas that are lit on their own.  This could be wall lights in a corner for reading or table lamps either side of your sofa and coffee table.  Therefore lighting that is at a lower level can create a more cosy, inviting ambience.

Tips to make your home cosy with lighting.
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Don’t forget the dimmers

Dimmers are an easy and quick way to create a cosy environment.  Ensure you bulbs are dimmable and you can alter them throughout the day and the seasons to create the atmosphere that you want. Make a feature of your dimmers Buster & Punch do beautiful dimmers.

Consider each room on its own

Each room will need to be considered on its own because your rooms will be used for different activities, cooking, relaxing, working, sleeping.  Every room will have differing amounts of natural light.  Look to use a range of lighting, from wall lights, to hanging pendant lights, to table lamps, to spotlights.  This will ensure each room works perfectly.

Luxury brushed brass wall lights
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Increase your wattage

For areas where you need task lighting it is worth replacing with a higher wattage.  Especially during the darker months where the light is generally flatter.  However, where there are a number of lights in a room it works better if the bulbs have all the same tone of light.  This creates a cohesive lighting scheme.


If you have table lamps or wall lights that have shades, swap them out for lighter materials, allowing more light to come through.  Or be bold and go for dark lamp shades to add to that warm cosy feel. Use warm tones and colours to ensure the room feels cosy rather than cold.

Tips to make your home cosy with lighting.
ARCFORM Flux Table Light in Gold

Natural light

Above all natural light is the most important, especially in the winter months. Try to maximse any natural light that you have.  Natural light is an amazing mood booster.  Open those curtains as far as they will go to let the light in.  By cleverly placing mirrors opposite windows you will allow the light in the day to bounce off it creating more light.

Take a look at our lighting, perfect for transitioning to those autumn, winter months.


Luxury wall lights
Luxury brushed brass wall light


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