We caught up with Sarah from The Burghard Design Assemblage to talk all things interiors – lighting inspiration, interiors tips & advice.


The Burghard Design Assemblage

Q:  What inspires you? 

My clients and their individual personalities – every design project is completely different depending on the client, their brief, the location, type of space and their aesthetic taste etc – this keeps me continually on my toes which I love.

Q:  How would you describe your style?

I really don’t have a look, I’m all about reflecting the character, brand or history of the client whether they are private or commercial, it’s not about “my style” quite the opposite it’s about capturing the essence of the clients.


Q:  What is your favourite part of the interior design process?

I really love the concept stage where I take the client on a deep dive into discovering their style, researching the context of the project and letting my imagination get fired up by who I’m working with and the conversations we have together.

Q:  Why is lighting so important in interior design?

Lighting adds so much to the ambience of any space. I like it to be as flexible as the space itself and offer different options throughout different times of the day and evening. Lighting can offer features that totally lift a scheme.

Q:  What are the biggest interior design challenges?

Every project is different and so every creative process has a whole new set of challenges. Whilst this can be very demanding it’s also the very reason I love my continually changing job spec!

Q:  Why did you select ARCFORM for you ‘Man Cave’ Project?

I am passionate about bringing smaller makers and independent products into my schemes to both enhance the outcome and share the wonderful talented creatives I know with my clients. I felt the design of the lights would resonate with my client and they did – he loves them. It’s so wonderful to bring suppliers into my concepts that a client wouldn’t discover by themselves and that’s why I’ve created The Burghard Design Assemblage which aims to bring makers and Interior designers together to collaborate, share, learn and grow our businesses together.





Q:  Was selecting a British supplier important to you?

It’s great to use a company that is British because not only is it supporting the UK maker economy but it also means there’s no unforeseen delays in terms of delivery etc.

I do however, like to mix the suppliers that I use and having an international outlook in TBDA where members are from all over the world I also carry this into all the aspects of my design process rather than limiting my inspiration and connections only to British suppliers and talent. As a design philosophy I believe there’s room for everyone..


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