Styling Large Pendant Lighting

Large statement lights – chandeliers, pendant lighting and cluster lights aren’t reserved just for grand foyers and large homes anymore.

Oversized lighting can work equally well in any home. In a smaller space if done right it can make an amazing visual impact. If you are lucky enough to have a big home or high ceilings, then they are just the light to make a statement.

Pendant lighting isn’t just for providing light, they can create a dramatic effect.  A generous sized light can really change the feel of a room.

The visual impact of a light like this gives a real wow factor. In a hallway it will be one of the first things you see when you enter your home. A large statement pendant light in a hallway will provide lots of light. A space where good quality light is often needed.

large pendant cluster light in black and brushed brass

The 5th wall

Many interior designers refer to the ceiling in your room as the 5th wall. Pendant lights and statement lights make the most of the 5th wall. Enhance your pendant light and make it stand out by painting your ceiling in a different colour.


The perfect place for a large pendant lights. Yes, you need practical lighting for a staircase, it needs to be well lit to ensure safety. But it can be decorative and functional, the best of both worlds.

An alternative is to add pendants which drop between the staircase as it turns. This will mean the light will flow down the length of the staircase. It will also look amazing as your walk up the stairs.

LOOM cascade pendant light in brushed brass


Statement pendant lighting can bring a minimalist kitchen or dining table to life. The contrast will provide a stunning centrepiece for your room. Showcase your light!

An oversized pendant light will instantly upgrade a room and lift it. Giving a focal point as well as beautiful lighting.

Our pendant light clusters truly make a statement and each drop can be customised.  As can the finish and number of pendants.


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