Why lighting is so integral to interior design

Why lighting is so integral to interior design.  When designing a room or even an entire home renovation project, make sure you give enough time, thought and consideration to your lighting.  From where you will need sockets and switches to the use of the room, the style and overall look.

Considering your lighting alongside the rest of your room design will ensure a cohesive look.  The right lighting design can enhance and transform your home.

ARCFORM Cluster Pendant Light in black and brushed brass

So why consider lighting first?


1.  It can make or break a room

You can have the most beautifully, well thought out room design with stunning pieces of furniture but if the lighting is an afterthought the room won’t work.  It will feel unwelcoming and the lighting won’t work for you.  You need to layer your lighting and ensure every area of the room is considered.

2.  The practical aspect

There is nothing worse than a stunning room with unsightly wires running across corners of the room.  You don’t want to have to rely on extension cables.  So you need to get the electrics and fixtures right.  If you consider your lighting early on you can ensure you have plugs, switches etc in the right place.  How many times have you stayed somewhere and there isn’t a plug near the mirror to style your hair or a light to do your makeup?  Ensuring these details are considered for every part of your home makes a huge difference day to day.

3.  It’s important to consider the function of the room

Assessing what you are going to be using the room for enables you to really think about your lighting.  The objective is that the lighting adds to and enhances the rooms look and feel as well as working for you.  Do you work in the room your are planning, do you entertain, do you relax, is it a family room?


Lighting and interior design
ARCFORM Triple Brushed Brass Pendant Cluster

4.  Showcase those features

Have you chosen beautiful fabrics, have you chosen stunning artwork?  You have probably spent ages pouring over fabric samples, choosing just the right piece of furniture, choosing a fireplace or the perfect bedside tables.  The right lighting can highlight and enhance the textures and beauty of these pieces.


Arcform Mini Gold Sculpture
Arcform Mini Gold Sculpture

5.  It creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere

The right lighting design carefully thought out makes your home welcoming, relaxing and a joy to be in.  No one wants to eat dinner with a glaring overhead light that you can’t dim.  No one wants to struggle to read a book on a winters evening because the light isn’t good enough.  No one wants to have dark areas in their kitchen that they don’t ever use because of a lack of task lighting.  By taking time to think about all these things you can ensure you lighting really works.


So know you have more of an idea of why lighting is so integral to interior design!

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