Why our lights come in dust bags.

Why our lights come in dust bags.

ARCFORM packaging showing the lighting in a dust bag

All ARCFORM lights come in our trademark dust bags.  This was an idea we had right from the start. Beautiful, luxury handbags come in dust bags, why not beautiful, luxury lights.  As well as a lovely way to receive your lights there are several other reasons and benefits that we chose to do it.

Protecting your lights

We are very fussy about packaging up our lighting!  We want them to arrive in perfect condition.  So, as well as being meticulous as to how they arrive, with biodegradable packaging chips protecting them, the dust bags give another layer of protection.

The unboxing experience

We really like to think and have been told by many of our customers that unpackaging our lighting is a lovely experience.  Every order comes with a handwritten note (we are an independent business and we appreciate your purchase).  There is something very special about taking one of our lights out of its dust bag.

Decorating/completing a project

If you are still decorating or running through a snagging list, it means the lights can be put up and then covered with the dust bags.  Giving your beautiful lights that extra bit of protection until all the work is complete.


Once your lights are in place you can then use the dust bags for numerous other things.  Customer have told us they have used them for all sorts of things.  From packing away Christmas decorations in them, to storing jewellery for going on holiday to storing hair accessories.  What would you use yours for?   We would love to hear from you!

ARCFORM is an independent family business that handcrafts luxury and bespoke lighting to illuminate your home.

Made in our Warwickshire studio in Leamington Spa.

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